What Minimalism Is & Something It Isn't.


SO I have a minimalist blog but I’m not sure if …

I’ve ever given a definition, of what minimalism means to me. Joshua Becker describes it as, “The intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from them.” I love this analogy, it really gets to the heart of how I see minimalism and the lifestyle that I continue to strive towards through simplifying.

For me, minimalism is an intention. It is repeatedly questioning what is important to me and why. It is a constant process of decluttering the things I once believed and realising that I held the answers, all along. What I was searching for couldn’t be found in clothes stores, or inside the furniture in my home. I couldn’t find it in another lip balm, or on an upgraded phone. Instead, they were a part of me that I just couldn’t hear and it was only when I removed the clutter and all of the noise, that my own voice became clear.

Minimalism is a pathway to a simpler life. It is an untrodden path that you stumble upon one day, without a map. You aren’t sure where you will end up but you can see freedom in the distance and it floats along the air. So you walk towards it following your feet, ignoring the other route with the map. Because you want to go at your own pace, to stop and smell the roses with a hop, a skip and a jump .

Thats what minimalism is to me - an internal map. It’s taking the scenic route and discovering more about myself as I go. And It’s not necessarily about where I’ll end up but how much I enjoyed the walk. Because wherever I land, I know that it will be better than where I have been.

Minimalism is the importance of those around me, of exchanging distraction for connection. It is focusing my eyes, my mind and my soul, on those that matter the most. It is remembering to put away my phone, turn down the noise and welcome the present with hearts burst open and arms flung wide. It is whistling birds and calmer seas. It is peace, hope and gratitude for what I have and the knowledge, that it is all within me.

It is living a simplified life. Be that a smaller home, an older car, or food home grown. It is stepping off the treadmill and deciding to breathe. It is creating a life that is designed by you and belongs to you, it is yours to make as you please.

And can I specify what is it not? Minimalism isn’t deprivation, not in the long run anyway. Sure, sometimes it is going without one thing to have another but that other, is usually people, or experiences over things. It is buying with intention, living with intention - at it’s core, there is intention.

It is simplifying yes, but beyond that it is so much more. That’s what minimalism is to me, how about you?