If Your Christmas...


If your Christmas…

Doesn’t work out, just how you hoped - know that others are dealing with that too.

If you are dreading, this supposed special day - know that others are dreading it too.

If you are standing on the sidelines, when everyone else is in the middle - know that others are on the sidelines too.

If you are worried about eating too much or too little and it’s getting you down - know that others are worried about this too.

If your child can’t deal with the stress, busyness or the noise - know that there are other children who can’t deal with this too.

If you don’t have a partner, companion, a husband or a wife - know that others are on their own too.

If you feel like you can’t make everything perfect and it’s causing you stress - know that others are feeling that too.

If your budget doesn’t allow for fancy gifts and velvet bows - know that others can’t afford these things too.

If you feel like the darkest days of winter, when everyone around you shines bright - know that others feel darkness too.

if you are longing for the child that never came - know that others are longing too.

If you are struggling with illness and can only just make it through - know that others are struggling too.

If you feel alone in a roomful of people - know that others feel loneliness too.

If you are being cajoled into drinking and you want to say no - know that others are not drinking too.

If being with members of your family, hurts your heart - know that others are hurting too.

If you are missing a loved one, or have an empty chair - know that others have empty chairs too.

If you are doing your best and it doesn’t feel like enough - know that others are feeling that too.

If your family traditions aren’t going to plan - know that other families traditions, aren’t going to plan too.

If you worrying about the amount of presents you bought, either too little or too much - know that others are worrying too.

If you drink too much, to get through the day - know that others are doing that too.

If tears fall from your eyes, without your control - know that others have wet cheeks too.

If social media is making you mad - know that it’s making others mad too.

If you manage to overcook the Christmas lunch - know that others overcooked theirs too.

If you are simplifying plans and have to say no - know that others are saying no too.

if you are the cowering introvert, at the Christmas party - know that others are cowering too.

If you can’t fit into that special dress - know that others can’t fit into theirs too.

If your feeling weary and you aren’t sure why - know that others feel weary too.

If you are waiting for the words that never quite come - know that others are waiting too.

If you wont be celebrating the season, as you thought you would - know that others are doing that too.

And if you are feeling all of these things, or one or more - know that others, are feeling these things too.

I wrote this because it was on my heart and as I wrote, I had an image, I suppose like the scenes of story books, or from winter walks. It was the image of a hundred frosted windows, lit up with lights and as I peaked inside, there were people, lots of people, some together and some on their own. But each one was feeling something, going through something and standing alone. If only we knew that in houses nearby, others are standing at frosted windows feeling the same. And let us remember, that we are never really alone, even when we think we are.