Mini Minimalists #10 Ask The Minimalist Kid


I thought that it would be a good idea…

To ask my daughter some questions around minimalism and the difference it has made to her life. I get a lot of questions asking how my children got on board with minimalism and the truth is that I didn’t. Slowly they just wanted to know more about it and started decluttering, whilst creating their own boundaries of what minimalism meant to them.

And so when creating this post, detailing how to get children interested in simplifying, I thought why not ask my children for their story? My daughter, aged eight, loved the idea and I’m so pleased for you to meet her. She has a minimalist heart, a wild side and an old soul and we think that she is awesome!

Conversations with my daughter:

What does Minimalism mean to you?

Mummy and Daddy get to spend more time with us and we can save money to do good things.

How has simplifying changed our family?

The house isn’t as messy and it gives us more space to play and move around.

Do you prefer experiences or things?

I prefer experiences because it’s something that you can remember forever.

What do you like to do?

I like going to the beach, going on adventures and reading books.

Why did you start decluttering?

So that when I get something new, I have room for it.

How did you start decluttering?

I made a pile of things I didn’t want to keep and a pile of things I did want to keep.

What do you do with your unwanted toys and why?

I give them to someone who doesn’t have many toys because it’s a kind thing to do.

Do you have enough to play with and what’s your favourite thing to play?

Yes and My Little Pony.

What’s your favourite toy?

My teddy.

Is there anything you can’t declutter?

My teddies.

If you could choose one thing to buy or do, what would it be?

To go on holiday to Iceland. I can’t think of anything I want but I think there is, I’ve just forgotten them

Are you jealous of your friends toy collections?

I haven’t even noticed, we just play games together or go outside.

How does it feel living in a calmer space?

It’s good because there is more room to play, our walls are peaceful and our home makes me feel nice and free.

Do you think that you will grow up a minimalist?

Yes because I will be able to use my money on special days that I will remember.

Do you think that minimalism is good for the planet?

Yes it is because our planet will have less stuff and less plastic in the sea.

What are you looking forward to this Spring?

Riding my bike, bird spotting and going to the beach.

Why are you so awesome?

Because I am talented, kind and I just think that I’m amazing.

I hope that you enjoyed our conversation as much as I did. And I hope that it gives you a peek into the life of a minimalist family, from another perspective. If you are simplifying, or finding it hard with children, remember good things take time and after nearly three years of minimalism, our children think that it’s great!.