Lessons Learnt From Challenge 10 x 10

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I thought that I had a good capsule wardrobe…

It wasn’t intentionally bought or curated, but rather a mix of what was left over from my previous wardrobe declutter and I thought that it suited me fine. I’d heard about the wardrobe 10 x 10 challenge a few years ago, through social media - if you aren’t familiar with it, you choose ten items of clothing to wear for ten days. I loved the idea but the thought of putting myself online everyday, wearing less than ideal clothing didn’t really appeal.

However, when I heard about it this time, I thought, why not! I was in a clothes funk, wasn’t feeling my best self and remembered, that I wasn’t a fashion blogger, so it didn’t really matter what I was wearing. In fact, maybe it would be a good idea, to show up in my everyday outfits on the Internet because after all, who cares.

Anyway, I didn’t put much thought into my ten items, which in hindsight I definitely should have. Because although I like the mismatched look, a few outfits were more headache mismatched, than the subtle kind, so I didn’t get proper use out of all my items. I also swapped out one pair of trousers on the first day, so didn’t want to change anymore. And that was the first lesson there, maybe I did care about what I wearing after all!

I posted my outfits on, instagram.com/somedayslower in my stories, if you wanted to take a peek. But pictured is the general look, as I pretty much lived in this cardigan. This is very much my personality, which is why a capsule works for me - if I like something, I like it for life!

If I’m honest I just thought it would be a fun challenge and I really didn’t expect, to learn the things that I did. And so, I thought that I would share my discoveries here, with you.

  1. A smaller wardrobe with less choice, really does take the hassle out of getting dressed. I thought that it was simple before but with only ten pieces it was so much easier! If you struggle with decision fatigue, this is the wardrobe for you. It literally only took five minutes in total, deciding what to wear.

  2. If you are going to have a capsule wardrobe, a good amount of items need to match. I do love a mismatch, clashing colours and all the jazz but patterns I learnt, need a little more thought. And if you want your wardrobe to work hard for you, this may take time. I soon realised that although I could just chuck on any old thing, many combinations didn’t really work for a capsule.

  3. I am a creature of habit and like what I like. As mentioned above, I wore the same cardigan for much of the challenge because it just worked. I liked how it looked, it was super comfortable and went with everything I had. I had no issue with wearing the same thing again and again and wore my best cardigan with pride, if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it right?!

  4. Ditto my style. Click the 10 x 10 hashtag and you will see an amazing array of inspiration, clothing and style, (some of which made me feel less than for sure but that’s my issue not theirs.) And then I remembered, that I wear what I wear because it’s good for the season I am in, rambling beach walks and all.

  5. Accessories change an outfit. I mean I knew it but I didn’t know it. I rarely wear accessories, the only thing I actually own is my wedding ring and I’m not one for adding more. However I did buy a headband and tie some of my tees, which did the trick I think!

  6. I really didn’t feel like I was wearing the same clothes, day after day. I didn’t get bored and no-one commented on my outfit of choice. To be honest, I don’t think anyone notices or cares what anyone else is wearing, which is rather liberating to be fair.

  7. I’m going to tackle my wardrobe again. Much of what I own is fine and I’m not in the position where I want to buy more, as when I do I want it to last. But I now know, that I can live with less. And I’m actually happier without the dregs that I wear, just because they are there. I could easily live with 30ish good items in all.

    So there you have it, proof once again that simplifying is an ongoing process, evolving as and when you do. Tell me, do you have a capsule wardrobe, or have you tried the challenge? If you haven’t and are a minimalist, I think you’d be surprised!

    And if you want to declutter your wardrobe but are overwhelmed, I’d really recommend challenge 10 x 10. It will give you an idea of what you really wear and remind you, that we are all closet minimalists at heart. Most of us are are walking round in our most loved outfits most of the time anyway, we are just too worried to declutter the rest ‘just in case.'.

    Either way, It is a great challenge to try out a smaller wardrobe before you simplify, or if you want to simplify more. A capsule wardrobe really is such an easy way to regain your life and your time.