Hello and welcome...

I'm Beth, a 30 something minimalist mother of two and wife to one, living thoughtfully and intentionally with my little family in a tall rented townhouse by the sea.

You will often find us following our feet to the beach where the sea breeze tickles our wild windswept hair and the golden sand crunches with satisfaction beneath our toes.

The children will be knee deep in seaweed or running through the dunes, their laughter floating effortlessly like the clouds, pockets full of stones and shells will be collected - each one more precious than the last. 

And then there is me - no doubt with a book in my hand which will be well worn, with turned down pages and splatters of ink. There will be hastily handwritten notes in the margins probably turning to tiny smudged puddles, as the sea water meets the page. 

I will always have a flask of something warm - preferably chocolate based. This will hopefully prolong the need to dash home for warmth and pyjamas, meaning that we can all last a little longer, drinking in the warm fuzziness of both the coco and the salty air. This is our happy place and time always stands still at the beach.

 I'm sure there is enough in the flask for you to join me, I’d talk about how I stay up too late watching box sets and sunsets - how I am owning my age and letting my hair turn a speckled shade of grey and we would end the day laughing about my ongoing search for the perfect pair of bell bottom jeans - which I still haven’t found by the way.

I could talk for hours about simplicity and living with fewer things. If this interests you I hope that you will stick around in this little space of mine and maybe in return will become a little space for you too.