A Spring/Summer Kids Capsule Wardrobe Audit


As I mention a lot, my kids have a capsule wardrobe…

It was one of the first thing that I simplified and it has been incredible for saving both money and time. A few times a year I do a wardrobe audit, so that I can see if there is anything we have to buy and change things up if that’s what we need. As the years pass, I get more understanding of living with a capsule wardrobe for kids, what’s working, what’s not and how to get it perfect for us.

I think that this season I have worked out the perfect capsule, both for longevity and intentionality. I’ve made numerous mistakes learning how to put together a good capsule but generally feel like I’m getting the hang of it. And so I thought that I would share how I do an audit of my children’s clothes and some of the lessons I’m practicing now.

First of all I get everything out onto the floor, so that I can see it all. Because their wardrobes are so small, I already have a good idea of what we will need and what to let go but do this anyway, just to be sure. The kids do a fashion show because why not and then I can really see what fits, even though I probably already know.

I check for wear and tear and donate anything too small and do the same if there is something in their wardrobe, for some reason they just don’t wear. I’m not too precious about what they like, as they have their own personalities around their wardrobes but we generally agree on most things anyway, which is good.

I have been buying things the next size up if I can, that way I can buy less and the items last longer. This isn’t always possible, as both kids are really lean but with jumpers, dresses and tees it seems to work. I have also started buying some things in neutral colours, so that they can be passed down and I can spend a little more on a quality item, that will stand the test of time. As I mostly know in my head what they will need, I keep an eye out for independent sales and buy pricier things then.

I also buy mostly short sleeved dresses instead of long, that way I can dress them up and down depending on the season we are in. This means that I don’t have to buy and store so much, so it’s a win, win. My kids love colour and pattern but I am learning to buy some pattern and some plain, so that we can mix and match more items, without looking like we’ve just thrown something on. Getting the whole wardrobe out is good for this, as I can make sure the items work together, which is essential for a smaller wardrobe.

I am trying hard to buy once and buy well and do this as and when budget allows. It doesn’t always but if I can I will, as it always makes me feel like I am doing my bit where I can. Many of the clothes my children have are from last year and we see no reason to change something, just because it was ‘last season’ in terms of fashion. I am hoping to raise children who continue to think this but we shall see!

So, onto the audit;


My son’s wardrobe - I already know that one pair of trousers are worn out and so I decluttered those and will replace them with the same brand. These are high street but seem to last and my son likes wearing them so that’s okay with me.

We replaced a pair of shorts and bought two pairs that fit. He has plenty of jumpers and tees but needs another long sleeved tee, so that’s another thing to put in. So now I know that he needs a pair of trousers and a long sleeved tee and when I buy these items, they should last him a long while and then I will replace them again.

My son has a fifteen piece capsule (17 when we buy the trousers and tee.) His wardrobe includes; three trousers, two shorts, four tees, two long tees and four jumpers.


My daughter’s wardrobe - I already know that my daughter needs another tee and a pair of trousers. In this audit I decluttered some trousers and jumpers but she already had more than she needed, so there isn’t much to replace. Although there is another dress that I would love to get her but she has such a good selection that I’m not sure if I will.

My daughter has a nineteen piece capsule (21 when we buy the trousers and tee.) Her wardrobe includes; five dresses, two tees, three long sleeved tees, two trousers, two shorts, one skirt and four jumpers.

Considering that this a year round wardrobe it lasts really well and more often than not, takes care of itself. This audit took me about 15 minutes to do and that’s all. As we only have what we actually wear, we tend to do a one in one out policy, so their wardrobes never really get any bigger than this. I can’t say how pleased I am that I simplified the clothes and I’m hoping that a capsule wardrobe, will be something that we continue to use. Honestly if you are thinking about a capsule wardrobe for kids, it is so worth it.