Minimalism & Motherhood

Our Story

It all started…

Three years ago, spurred on by an endless desire to gain more time with my family and for myself, I made the decision to simplify our lives. This in turn led to getting rid of 80% of our belongings and finding a better version of us. The us that was buried underneath all of our stuff, stuff that we later realised, we didn’t even want or need. The belongings in our home were taking up so much of my energy, energy that I didn’t have at the end of the day to play with my children, or focus on the things that I loved, as there was always too much to do. Thanks to minimalism, we now have the space and time to spend mostly as we please and this is by far the greatest gift that simplifying has given us.

I believe that families, especially mothers, need minimalism more than anyone and that the act of simplifying can have such a big impact - not just on our homes, but on our lives. Time really does go in the blink of an eye and although you can’t stop it, no matter how much you wish you could, you can be more present for it. I want to spend my days of mothering making forts out of well worn blankets and playing tag until tired little legs can’t carry themselves anymore, not stood on the sidelines washing up. Now that we have fewer things to wash, this is our reality.

We didn’t just declutter our things when we simplified. We decluttered our time, our beliefs and our priorities and were left with only what really mattered. We were left with us. By taking away the excess, we had the space to find out more about ourselves and each other, what we liked and disliked, what our hearts were made of and who we really were - without all of the stuff getting in our way. We discovered that without a life full of things we could have a life full of life and that has been the biggest and best surprise of all.




A thirty something minimalist mother of two, trying to live simply and intentionally with my family, in a tall rented townhouse by the sea. You will often find us following our feet to the beach, where the sea breeze tickles our hair and the golden sand crunches with satisfaction beneath our toes. The children will be knee deep in seaweed or running through the grassy dunes, daddy will be chasing them, their laughter floating effortlessly like the clouds. There will be pockets full of stones and shells which the children will refuse to put back, eager to lug this new found treasure home for display. There will also be driftwood, lots of it, doubling up as hiking sticks in preparation for the long walk home.

And then there is me, paddling, no doubt with a book in hand - well worn with turned down pages, just waiting to be read. If you look closely there will be splatters of ink in the margins, with hastily handwritten notes, now turning to tiny puddles as the water meets the page. I will always have a flask of something warm - preferably chocolate based, a clever trick used to keep us not only refuelled but out for longer thanks to it’s warmth. I’m sure there is enough for you, I’d love to have you join me. I will tell you how I stay up way too late watching sunsets and box sets, how I have major wanderlust but haven’t yet travelled far and how I am forever on the lookout for the perfect pair of bell bottom jeans. What would you tell me? I’d love to know.



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